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Choonage #9: Sixfoot Apprentice (!Kaboogie) / Residents >Booty Bass/Crunkfunk/Badbwoy

  • 25-04-2012 3:08pm
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    Choonage presents
    A Night of Booty Bass / Crunkfunk / Badbwoy Choons!

    Sixfoot Apprentice (!Kaboogie)
    Miles Iwes
    Thurs May 3rd
    5 yips


    Sixfoot Apprentice has been shaking dancefloors around Ireland and beyond for a couple of years now with his wildly eclectic mix of styles routinely delivered in a funky package with a hardcore bass driven jungletasic beats mashup spinal chord!¬
    And if that sentence wasnt long enough hes also been rockin it with the !Kaboogie crew putting on quality gigs for the past 6 years!
    Known for furious sets incorporating all kinds of once-thought unmashable beats,Sixfoot has routinely been found making cosy family RnB hits sound like theyve suddenly been given a chainsaw,hockey mask and a bpm overdose!
    Check out his mixes at the links below to get an idea of what the man can do when put in a room with a large soundsystem,nitrous driven laptop and appropriate clothing
    Some notes on !Kaboogie from our friends at the Skirmish blog (

    "For any club in Ireland to last 6 years is amazing but when it’s a club that’s pushing underground music, it’s all the more impressive. Since they started putting on shows in 2006, !Kaboogie have become one of the most important collective’s in Ireland promoting quality bass music from both home and abroad. Their label has consistently good releases out from the likes of Prince Kong, Lakker, 2Bit and A Force and their nights are known as the best in the Capital both for atmosphere and music"
    Full interview and new 6th birthday mis here!

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