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US CISPA Cyber security bill raises new privacy concerns

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    How long will it be before an Irish version of this?

    Nothing would surprise me as the EU & US are in bed together on destroying our civil liberties.


    With the body of SOPA still warm in the grave, US Congress is making another run at a cyber bill and the battle over it is starting to look a little familiar.

    This one's not about piracy. Known as CISPA (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) the bill would, among other things, allow private companies internet service providers and others to turn over information about users to law enforcement and security agencies without a court order. It has bipartisan support (there are 82 Republican co-sponsors and 25 Democratic ones, unusual these days) and a lot of backing from big tech companies. But it has infuriated advocates who claim it lacks protections for individual privacy.

    CISPA may become law within DAYS; 112 co-sponsors in Congress now. If it does, you can kiss your privacy goodbye.

    800+ major corporations and U.S. Chamber of Commerce support internet freedom crushing CISPA