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Knee injury no health insurance

  • 13-04-2012 4:07pm
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    Hi before i dive straight in to my issue, il explain my situation first. I have recently returned to education and left work. In my previous job i was part of the group health insurance scheme. Since my return to college iv have opted not to renew my health insurance as it was a cost i thought i could do with out (very foolish on my part). In the mean time i have done cartilage damage to my knee playing football. Iv had the mri and the results suggest that i would need to have knee surgery. I am just wondering if anyone how much the surgery usually costs and/or am as a student am i entitled to or fall under any sort of health care cover. Regards C


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    Student or not, you are covered under the standard hospital coverage. The bad news is that there could be a long waiting list. Speak to your GP about getting you on the the waiting list.

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    "accessibility mobility & disability"

    *scratches head* :confused:

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    As SerialComplaint says, you are entitled to the public health care system. If you are admitted to hospital, you will be charged €75 per night up to a maximum of €750 per year and the rest is free. I assume you got the MRI on referral from your GP? Did he not discuss when and where you'd get the operation?