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Business trainee

  • 22-03-2012 10:52pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 9 ✭✭✭ jasmee

    Well, I studied a Business degree in Spain, and I never have worked as a trainee or similar, but I know if I can do this in Ireland I going to find a good job in Spain in my future!! So.. go ahead!

    The question is.. where I can do it? Any business in Galway city? where I can find information about this? I feel lost!!
    For example, my university have a website only for advertising trainee positions in Spain, but here, I can't find it in NUIG or GMIT websites...

    The occupational skills covered with my degree are management, finance, accounting (bookkeeping), commerce, international business, HR, marketing... But I'm not sure about what I prefer, the best thing could be try with something, or with all together, and make a good future for myself... life is difficult!

    Thank you very much for the replies, if the post is in a bad site, please, move it! thanks