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Irish Airsoft Association ?? Worth Joining?

  • 22-03-2012 10:14pm
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    I have played Airsoft in Ireland For 2 years in a few sites over the country, I was interested in joining the I.A.A. but having been through the discussions on boards and the I.A.A. forums I'm unsure as to join or not as it seems to be a poison chalice, both for members and committees.

    I think that a Association is needed for any official sport but it seems that the I.A.A. is not a proactive organisation and that its not quite like the ronsel ad " it doen't seen to so what it says on the tin"

    So what to do. join and be a member of a non pro active organisation or not join but not have a voice.???

    I noticed on boards that there was an EGM a few weeks ago but the IAA site is not updated yet. So this kind of shows me that its not very active (yes i know its a unpaid job and voluntary but come on guys its not rocket science to update a website with committee details is it ?? )

    I would like to join even if its just to voice concerns i may have !! but those ill come to another time.

    Thank and any advice will be looked and and decision made !!!



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    I've a recurring subscription, its only a tenner or 15 euros a year.
    Personally for me I dont see a negative about being a member only
    potential positives.

    I've Zero interest in Skirmishing and I've Zero interest in keeping up
    with all the fighting and politics that goes on here between different people
    within the airsoft scene/community/sport, I dont know personally anyone
    that's a committee member of the IAA, never been to any of the AGM's

    But I'd rather be a member of an "official group" that represents the sport and hobby of airsoft than not be a member, if things start to change with laws and restrictions.

    I've had guns sent to the Gardai in the past from customs and while
    meeting the gardai and being treated like some small backward child answering their queries I've found a little bit of comfort in being able to explain to them that I was a member of an association and being able to present a card they could take a photocopy of
    and keep for their records. While it might have meant diddly squat it "looked" a little better than just turning up asking for my gun back.


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    There is a new Chairperson at the helm as of last few weeks. Changes are coming, i believe this person will raise the bar for all airsofters across Ireland, irrespective of wherever you are into skermishing, target shooting or enjoying plinking in your back garden without attracting the attention of the armed Guarda, local media and our Defence Forces!

    Give him time to get to grips with OUR sport as a whole, (though he comes with a wealth of experience) but more importantly listen, learn and let us all speak as one voice. If we dont, i fear it is only time before someone, somewhere, somehow finds a reason to close down our sport or at the very least impose heavy restrictings making all our lives way more difficult. :)