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Do you use a bumbo seat?

  • 19-03-2012 10:07am
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    Hi all, I saw this article posted on another forum about the potential dangers from babies falling out of bumbo seats and thought I would mention it here just to make you all aware of it. I know lots of parents are big fans of them, although I never tried one with my daughter.

    Link to the full article here.
    'Grave concerns' about popular Bumbo baby seat
    Experts say infants can fall out of the Bumbo chair and be hurt, but its maker says the product is safe when used properly.
    By Julie Deardorff, Chicago Tribune reporter
    March 15, 2012

    Needing a moment to prepare a snack, nanny Teri Deel set her 3-month-old charge in a Bumbo Baby Seat on the kitchen floor nearby.

    Suddenly the 20-pound boy arched his back, lurched out of the round plastic seat and struck his head on a rattle. The fall fractured his skull and led to bleeding around the brain, according to a lawsuit filed against Bumbo in 2010 by the boy's parents, Julie and Judd Peak of Tennessee.

    New parents and caregivers often swear by the colorful and quirky Bumbo, a popular baby shower gift that allows babies as young as 3 months to sit up before they are able to do so on their own. But even when the handy chair is used as recommended — on the floor and with adult supervision — infants are tumbling out and suffering cracked skulls, broken legs and other serious injuries, according to data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    In October of 2007, the Bumbo was voluntarily recalled in the U.S. after a wave of reported skull fractures in babies between 3 months and 10 months old. While many companies change the design of a recalled product or send consumers a kit to fix it, Bumbo made no alterations beyond a new label on the front that reads "Prevent falls! Never use on any elevated surface." The warning was also added to packaging and instruction manuals.

    Since the recall, at least 33 infant skull fractures linked to the Bumbo have been reported, according to the CPSC, which issued a warning to parents in November. Citing "grave concerns," a coalition of children's health and advocacy groups last month urged the agency to remove the popular seats from the market until the safety issues are resolved.


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    I got these for my twins when they were 6 months old , within a few weeks one of my lads would try get out by arching backwards, hes a very strong little lad, he very nearly fell out only I was always beside them when they were in them. We never used them again after that, Now we do call this twin the escape artist as he can nearly escape from anything! But I have to say I dont find them safe wouldnt reccomend them.

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    A 20 pound 3 month old? That is one HUGE baby. Very surprised he fit in a bumbo. My one year old is 20 pounds.

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    Several years ago when I worked in childcare we were provided with a few as samples to try.
    We used them for the following 2 years I was there & never had an issue with them, they were really handy.

    That said, I bought one when I had my daughter and for the reason quoted in the article only used it a handful of times.

    She would arch her back when sitting in it & after a few times doing that, I could how it would be all too easy for her to fall out of it.
    The first few times she just arched up a little, but after 5/6 times she was able to arch right out of it, when I seen her doing that I stopped using it immediately.

    When she started creche, I specified that I didn't want her to be sat in one.

    I think it depends on the child. None of the baby's in the nursery ever arched to get into it, so I was surprised when I seen my daughters reaction to it.

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    Yes like I said I have heard lots of good reports of them before, I know two of my cousins used them regularly when their babies were smaller ans swore by them. I was offered a loan of one but my lady was happy enough to be strapped in her bouncer or on her play mat so I never bothered.

    I suppose like anything to be used with careful supervision and caution is best!

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    My neighbour lent us one but my daughter hated it and kept arching her back and shouting at me until I took her out. I could see how a baby could tip it over quite easily or fall out it so I wouldn't leave her in it on her own for a second. That kinda defeats the point of a baby seat for me so I stuck to the bouncer or a blanket.

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    We got a bumbo as a present for our little fella. We used it as it was great, very handy for sticking him in it and letting him play with toys. he loved it as well. We always used it on the ground and always with a play mat under him. After about 2 months he finally figured out how to "plank" out of it. As soon as he did it once we stopped using it.

    Also, we only ever had in him in for short periods because I thought it was interfering with his tummy time. But that said, once we stopped using it he was mad to sit up and within a couple of days he was sitting unaided.

    Everything like this is OK to use, just use it in moderation and have a little common sense.