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  • 17-03-2012 6:32pm
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    This airport is not far from me and I am really looking forward to using it. Might interest some here. All transport modes, public and private, included in the plans from the outset. Railway station directly under terminal, motorway spur brings road traffic right to the front door basically. Multi storey car parks with room for more mean no shuttle bus nonsense when using long term parking.

    It might also interest some that Ulick Mcevaddy owns a share in a load of land adjacent to this airport and intends to develop it. Remember his plans for a similar replacement for DUB? Sad that they never materialised IMO.


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    DUB has multi-storey carparks sufficient for all traffic that'll bear the price these days... just unintentionally so.

    Generally use the T2 multi if going for less than 3 days but when traffic eventually picks up and the hotel is thrown on top of it, that option will likely return to its full, extortionate, price.