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Changes to Policy regarding Copyrighted Material on

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    Despite our best efforts, Minister Seán Sherlock still signed his fundamentally flawed SI on Copyright into law this week and the knock on effect is that we will be reviewing and probably implementing changes to how we have to deal with issues around the use of copyrighted material on the site. We don't have the details finalsed yet, I'm reviewing with legal experts and various others on how we carry on with the normal day-to-day business of the site without making too much of an impact, but we are making some immediate changes that we feel are definitely required:

    1) we will no longer be allowing links to streams of copyrighted or licenced content such as sports events. Youtube videos are not affected as YouTube has revenue sharing arrangements in place with copyright holders and they monitor these things themselves.

    2) copy and pasting a full piece of an article from a newspaper or blog etc will not be allowed. You may copy a paragraph of the piece and must provide a link to the source under what we hope will be seen as a common sense and fair use approach.

    I really don't have any more solid guidance on this yet, so please bear with us over the course of the next week or so whilst we try and get the legal advice we need. I wish I had more solid information than this folks, I really do.

    I just wanted to post this here and I'm closing it because it's Friday evening, I'm going to be gone for the weekend and I simply don't have any more information just yet.

    Thanks very much.

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