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Artistic / Creative Applications for Body&Soul and EP 2012

  • 01-03-2012 12:10pm
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    CALLING all Artists, Visionaries, Volunteers, Story-tellers, Spoon-Benders, Hand-Standers, Trumpet-Players, Shakers, Bakers or Candlestick-Makers....

    The art and creativity flourishing within the Body & Soul grows from strength to strength each year - We feel blessed to have a growing tribe of talented people contribute in their unique way to the beauty and integrity of the village itself, and invite you to create in a way that encourages people to look, listen, explore and interact with the piece itself.
    And so, the theme for this years Body&Soul Festival on June 22-24th 2012…....

    Throughout all our literary travels and exploration there was one symbol that kept reappearing. It was the Ouroboros. The dragon that eats it’s own tail. A dragon that slays himself and brings himself to life, fertilizes himself and gives birth to himself, thereby creating life from death and injecting death into life.

    This after all is the Chinese Year of the Dragon, the ultimate symbol of good fortune.

    It's time to pour our dreams and aspirations into exciting projects, to both inspire and be inspired. Be they big or small, simple or complex, cosmic or comical, organic or electronic - we look forward to your proposals with bated breath, as do the people who spend their weekend in awe of your work!

    We want to hear about what you have up your sleeve.

    Write it down! Send it on! Dead line for Body&Soul Festival is the end of April 2012. We're all Ears.

    Please log onto the "Get Involved" section of and click on the links to fill out an application for the relevant festivals.