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Maritime Forum Charter - Read Before Posting

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    Welcome to the Maritime forum.

    This forum is for discussion encompassing any and all professional/commercial activity related to salty water: commercial sea fishing, merchant shipping, mariculture, marine pollution/conservation, tragedy at sea, etc.

    For maritime activities which are leisure oriented (small boats, dinghies, yachting etc.) as opposed to commercial, the Sailing & Boating forum is generally a more appropriate place for posting on those subjects. Other forums that might be useful include Angling, Surfing, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Canoeing & Kayaking, Extreme Sports and Outdoor Pursuits.

    This forum is intended for discussion of all things living in or working on the salty sea, by fellow users, and as a place to exchange tips and advice. Be aware that this is an open public forum. You will not always get people with the same views as yourself.

    If you feel a post is insulting use the report post function ( bottom left hand side of each post ) or send a pm to any one of the moderators listed at the bottom of each forum page.

    Common sense rules of etiquette and good manners are to be respected at all times. You are expected to refrain from posting personal abuse, bad language, advertising, spam and failure to observe this may warrant a ban.

    Any advice or opinions expressed on this forum are not those of Ltd., and the management accepts no responsibility for what is written and posted here.

    Please do not reply to a post by inserting text within the quoted post and any defamation found in this forum will result in the thread/post being edited or deleted.

    If you are not happy for any reason with the moderation of the forum then you may send a Private Message to one of the modeartors and if this does not address your concerns you should then follow the Dispute Resolution Procedure.

    Spammers or Shills may be banned without warning.

    The forum shall not be used by anyone for the purpose of personal gain by advertising their services directly/indirectly or referring to same in their posts. This includes usernames, contact numbers, website addresses, etc.

    If in doubt about any of the above please send a Private Message to one of the forum moderators before posting.

    If you wish to make an advertisement something please go to which is our new advertisement site. All ads are free and you will also find a services section.

    No legal advice to be sought or no legal debating to be carried on in this forum. No surveys.

    Mods for the Maritime forum are fergal.b and tricky D if you have any queries for us. Any mod actions, and levels thereof, are at the mods discretion.

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