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  • 21-02-2012 12:54pm
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    Dates for the diary.

    May 11th to 13th.

    August 3rd to 5th. (could change to following weekend.)

    The red arrows have a fly over in Newcastle co. down, in august every year, so the second date may change but we try to have it at the start of august.

    Game plan and prices etc will be posted soon.

    Look forward to seeing you all if you can make either or both.

    Thx in advance
    Predator Combat Team


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    Game weekend PART 1 of 2

    Right folks,

    Weekend details as follows:

    Price £40 (includes bonus game fri evening. details will follow)

    Camping available for the weekend. Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.

    Usual pub quiz banter on Sat night.

    Doors open Fri eve 6-9pm. Sat 8am. Sun 8am

    Teams are UK & Argentina (typically topical as we likie to do) Roll call to follow.

    This should keep you going

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    Malvinas Retribution
    Fought in 1982, the Falklands War was the result of the Argentine invasion of the British-owned Falkland Islands. Located in the South Atlantic, Argentina had long claimed these islands as part of its territory. On April 2, 1982, Argentine forces landed in the Falklands, capturing the islands two days later. In response, the British dispatched a naval and amphibious task force to the area. The initial phases of the conflict occurred mainly at sea between elements of the Royal Navy and the Argentine Air Force. On May 21, British troops landed and by June 14 had compelled the Argentine occupiers to surrender.
    Prelude and Invasion:
    In early 1982, President Leopoldo Galtieri, the head of the Argentina's ruling military junta, authorized the invasion of the British Falkland Islands. The operation was designed to draw attention away from human rights and economic issues at home by bolstering national pride and giving teeth to the nation's long-held claim on the islands. After an incident between British and Argentine forces on nearby South Georgia Island, Argentine forces landed in the Falklands on April 2. The small garrison of Royal Marines resisted, however by April 4 the Argentines had captured the capital at Port Stanley.
    British Response:
    After organizing diplomatic pressure against Argentina, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ordered the assembly of a naval task force to retake the islands. Commanded by Admiral Sir John Fieldhouse, the task force consisted of several groups, the largest of which was centered on the aircraft carriers HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible. Led by Rear Admiral "Sandy" Woodward, this group contained the Sea Harrier fighters that would provide air cover for the fleet. In mid-April, Fieldhouse began moving south, with a large fleet of tankers and cargo ships to supply the fleet while it operated more than 8,000 miles from home.
    First Shots:
    As the fleet sailed south it was shadowed by Boeing 707s from the Argentine Air Force. On April 25, British forces recaptured South Georgia Island after sinking the submarine ARA Santa Fe. Five days later, operations against the Falklands began with the "Black Buck" raids by RAF Vulcan bombers flying from Ascension Island. That same day Harriers attacked various targets, as well as shot down three Argentine aircraft. As the runway at Port Stanley was too short for modern fighters, the Argentine Air Force was forced to fly from the mainland, which placed them at a disadvantage throughout the conflict.
    Fall of Port Stanley:
    After consolidating his position, Moore began the assault on Port Stanley. British troops launched simultaneous assaults on the high ground surrounding the town on the night of June 11. After heavy fighting, they succeeded in capturing their objectives. The attacks continued two nights later, and British units took the town's last natural lines of defense at Wireless Ridge and Mount Tumbledown. Encircled on land and blockaded at sea, the Argentine commander, Gen. Mario Menéndez, realized his situation was hopeless and surrendered his 9,800 men on June 14, effectively ending the conflict.

    More to follow. Keep tuned

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    The Game has changed due to rerquests.

    GAme sceanrio: As planned

    Game Style: MILSIM

    Prices: £5 for Fri evening game, £15 for full day saturday.

    Ammo limits:

    Ammo limits: this means while out in game zone - NOT for the whole event.

    AEG's - 600rds at any one time.
    Snipers - 200rds at any one time.
    shotguns 300rds at any one time.
    Pistols: 50rds at any one time.
    Support weapons (box mags etc) 2000rds at any one time. 5 second burst max to simulate normal operation.

    Supply MUST be left in safe zone or deignated HQ's (if applicable)

    HI/mid/low caps may be used but gear checks will be carried out before hand and spot checks during the day. Ammo limits are for the game zone no matter how many mags you have.

    Command structure:

    Essential to success. Get yourself orgainsed with a squad.

    Each team will have game commander, each squad will have battle commander. Communication flows from commanders so keep informed.


    Beg borrow comms. Most people operate PMR radios. This is critical to success.

    Medic rules:

    3 minute bleed out rule. If you bleed out move directly to your spawn point, designated on the day.

    Medic MUST hold shoulder for 1 minute. NOT A FOOT OR BIG TOE!!!

    When hit DO NOT rubber neck - looking to find who shot you! move directly to your spawn point.



    Frag's - 5mtr kill radius

    Thermobarics - As for frag's

    Smoke - Cover ONLY

    T/flash - as for Frag's

    BANG RULE - If you dont give it you STILL TAKE IT!

    CQB - Single shot only. If you dont have single shot dont find yourself in a CQB poisition.


    Anything INCLUDING WEAPON - Secondary weapons DO NOT COUNT!

    Fancy something different. Come along and try it out.

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    Sounds good, What type of grounds you on and how many people you predict to turn up?

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,048 OzCam

    !El Presidente Kirchner es un tonto político!

    Una nación que se muestra tal falta de respeto a los muertos no se merece la victoria. La recuperación de Las Malvinas es imposible que dos generaciones por lo menos.

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    Andrewb673 wrote: »
    Sounds good, What type of grounds you on and how many people you predict to turn up?

    Sorry only got back on the forum. The ground is natural woodland. 30acres of it. We have a village under refurb at the minute but useable. Have a lok at the web site on the right hand side of the home page. This gives you a flavour of what we have built.

    Various game site areas, towers, tunnells (above ground, we cant dig down, rock hard), Village, trenches bunkers, and so on. If you talk to anyone who has been up I think they willl tel you the same. Youll like what we do. Not to mention the staff of course. lol

    Hope you can make it.

    Numbers from up here at the minute is about 20-25 that we know of. Some people dont bother with forums and facebook etc so it is an estmiate.

    Looking forward to having you up at some stage.


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    OzCam wrote: »
    !El Presidente Kirchner es un tonto político!

    Una nación que se muestra tal falta de respeto a los muertos no se merece la victoria. La recuperación de Las Malvinas es imposible que dos generaciones por lo menos.

    Something about one nation and victory? Repatriation, impossible and generations. All I have for you OZ.

    Am I close? lol

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,048 OzCam

    Close enough :)

    An Argentinian General* writes:
    "President Kirchner is a political fool. A nation that shows no respect for the dead does not deserve victory. Recovery of Las Malvinas is now impossible for another two generations at least."

    * Assuming there is at least one with a brain somewhere...