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Cad on imac

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    I was thinking of buying an imac but I need cad for my final year college project. If I get the student version of Cad for the mac will my drawings be compatible with the windows based Cad in college?


  • You can run windows on a mac, either through something like vm ware fusion or through apple boot camp built into osx.

    Keep your CAD on windows it might be better in the long run, but you'll end up doing most other things on the mac.

  • I don't see why not. I've never asked or been asked which operating system that I'm using when sending .dwgs on to anyone.

    Actually it might be best to check with the supplier of whatever CAD system you're running to see whether it's able to run on an imac in the first place.

    The link below is for Solidworks and it only lists windows operating systems that it can run on

  • A guy in the shop told me it is compatible only with similar versions of CAD on a pc, i.e. 2011 on Mac and 2011 on pc. Does this sound right?

  • These two are at the high-end and low -end of the market for Mac CAD software:

    CAD, 3D graphics for Mac from WikiPedia

    Ashlar-Vellum – organic 2D/3D drafting, 3D modeling
    Blender (UNIX needs X11 software for Mac which is free from Apple)
    Cinema 4D
    Google SketchUp – 3D modeling software
    Houdini (software)

  • I have run autocad 2011 off both a mac & a pc with windows 7 os, and had no problems at all, once the files are the same ie .dwg/dxf etc i cant see how there would be to be honest
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  • I run autocad and mechanical on my imac. I have Windows 7 64 bit installed and I also have cad and inventor installed ont he windows component.

    the programs are completely intercompatible and the files can be used on either, back and forth. Though I like the size of the imac drawing area, I found the menus etc to be very fiddly compared to Windows and I just use Windows most of the time. You may have a different experience.

  • Hi I have been using AutoCad 2011 on a Powerbook for the last few months and have found no problems when working on the same DWG files with AutoCad for the PC. I find the mac version of AutoCad much clearer than the PC version but it does not have all the functions that are in the PC version.

  • Have used a 27in iMac for CAD for the past 2 years, best machine I've ever used for CAD, mainly down to the great screen size and resolution, no issues whatsoever.

  • I personally have a mac book pro. I've had some form of mac for ever and I too was worried about cad and the such. When I needed a new computer I looked into this. from what I could find you won't get a main line cad programme for mac.

    I use parallels, or boot camp and I have windows seven. Running as a virtual machine in parallels or as the main operating system using bootcamp.

    The other day I installed a linux virtual machine to run some free CFD software. Haven't got it working yet though :/

  • whupass wrote: »
    ... I've had some form of mac for ever and I too was worried about cad and the such. When I needed a new computer I looked into this. from what I could find you won't get a main line cad programme for mac. ...
    Have another look. ArchiCAD, for example, runs natively on Macs or Windows.

    Some time ago Graphisoft were offering discounted student licences and other assistance. ArchiCAD is installed in at least 6 Irish ITs and a number of secondary schools as a mainstream CAD program.

    I have no connection with Graphisoft or any reseller or any place that uses or sells ArchiCAD.

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  • Nice to know mathepac. I may well have just been biased by the free versions of software used in college available to me through AutoCAD and PROEngineer.