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Freeware to track interfaces

  • 17-02-2012 10:21pm
    Registered Users Posts: 4 jimbo37

    Hi all, a little bit of help, if you please

    I am creating an online renewable energy calculator, which has a number of modules and database tables e.g. there is a solar thermal module, a wind energy module, a weather database table and an equipment specification database table

    You do not have to follow the next paragraph exactly, just get the gist of it

    Each module has a number of inputs to it, and a number of outputs from it, so for example
    - the solar thermal module will have a number of inputs from the weather database such as temperature and solar radiation.
    - likewise it will have inputs from the equipment database table, such as solar panel efficiency

    The problem I am trying to address, and the one I'd like your thoughts on is - do any of you know of any freeware available that is capable of logging/tracking the inputs and outputs to/from the modules and tables?

    Also, any of you with web design skills (front end), and an interest in getting involved, can send me an email at jmg at talk21 dot com - I'd like to hear from you