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Serious WindowServer issues in Lion!

  • 14-02-2012 11:44pm
    Registered Users Posts: 331 ✭✭ taylorconor95

    I am having this weird issue with WindowServer in Lion 10.7.3 (and before you ignore this thread, its not CPU!). As the attached images show, sometimes mission control does not show any of that 'linen' background in lion, nor does it show any of my desktops or fullscreen apps at the top.

    Similarly, in Launchpad, sometimes it does not show a blurred version of my desktop background in the background, rather the windows i am currently viewing.

    After a bit of exploring, I narrowed it down to WindowServer. After a quick killall, everything goes back to normal. But the problem persists sometimes, maybe not for a few days, but then comes back.

    I have attached images of the problem for you guys to see. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated as always!