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Charter - Updated 17/8/2012

  • 14-02-2012 10:33am
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    Welcome to the Fantasy Sports Arena - Where all your fantasies (of sports) come together!!

    Forum Charter:

    1. What's it about
    This forum is designed as your one stop shop for all Fantasy Sports. Futureguy & Nody are the moderators of this forum if you have any questions or queries, please contact one or both of us. We aim to make this forum the one place you need to go to enjoy Fantasy Sports played throughout

    2. Showboat
    This is not an arena for you to prove how brilliant you are at calling people names. Keep that witty tongue to yourself. And if somebody else starts slagging you off, ignore him/her or we'll ban you too. Of course, if it's really, really funny and the guy/gal was being obviously moronic then maybe, just maybe we might ignore it. Risky though...

    3. Off Side
    Stay on topic as much as you can, as long as every one is a happy bunny and the topic naturally drifts off to some other interesting thing, we don't care. However if a moderator posts a warning which includes the phrase 'back on topic' that means you talk about the topic in hand and not what the thread strayed to. Straying off topic wil result in post deletion.

    4. Debut
    Picking on newbies is the act of a coward. You were a newbie once. Remember that. Newbies will be given time to get used to the uniqueness that is the Fantasy Sports Arena. This does not give newbies free reign to go round being dicks. For god sake read the forum for at least a couple of days first.

    5. Trolling
    Deliberately trying to provoke other posters is a bannable offence. Personal abuse, racism etc. will lead to bannings, there is no need for it so don't do it.

    6. Reporting Threads
    If you think there's something on this forum that really needs a moderator to look at it then use the 'Report This Post' feature. When you do an e-mail is sent to the moderators and we will have a look at it and take action if necessary. You won't be named at any stage.

    Do not abuse this feature. This will cause us annoyance. Annoyance leads to hurtful feelings. Hurtful feelings leads to bannings.

    7. Thread Title
    When creating a new thread please use a suitable title. Please do not just give your reaction ('amazeballs', 'fricken sweeeeet' etc), or post demands such as 'look at this'.

    8. Transfer Window
    Selling stuff in the forum is not allowed. Please use

    9. Txt Tlk
    Anyone caught tlkn n txt spk will be hung drawn and quartered, do not attempt it.

    10. The Gaffer
    The Moderators decisions are final. The moderators reserve the right to make a judgement call on a poster's intent, and issue warnings/infractions/bans as necessary. The moderators will not only be looking at the word of the charter when reviewing posts but at the spirit in which a post or a number of posts are made. If you have a problem, please send me a private message. Do not dispute it in the forum. If you come across a suspect post in the forum, please don't hesitate to use the "report this post" button.

    11. Paid Subscription Services

    Hi folks,

    Just to let everyone know that starting from today there will be a zero tolerance policy in regards to one requesting or copy and pasting articles and the like from paid subscription sites such as for example.

    Long story short, it's breach their terms and conditions and thus, can cause a lot of unnecessary hassle for

    Bans will be handed out accordingly if the above isn't taken aboard.

    12. Do some basic research
    Before posting questions relating to the rules of any Fantasy Game please take the time to check the rules and/or FAQ pages for that game. E.g. For for example.

    13. Posting behaviours
    Posting behaviours

    So that's it. Enjoy your time here. Remember, it's all about your captain choice!

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