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T-Rex found in Mexico, a first

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    Recently, Stegoceras fossils were uncovered in Mexico- first time a pachycephalosaur was found in said country. Now, in the northern state of Chihuahua (the dog is named after the state, not the other way around), fossils of a Tyrannosaurus rex have been found for the first time evah!

    The fossils consist of teeth and other bits that belonged supossedly to a nine-meter long T-Rex. Before this, the only tyrannosaurs identified from Mexico were Albertosaurus and possibly Labocania.
    This makes T-Rex the largest known theropod in the country.



  • While googling for more info i found this. WTF???

  • Galvasean wrote: »
    While googling for more info i found this. WTF???

    Blimey, the mind boggles.

    So does the eyes (O)(O)
    So does the eyes(O)O

  • Galvasean wrote: »
    While googling for more info i found this. WTF???

    That's funny, I found out about that yesterday XD

    But Im not sure what to believe... I mean, Im totally open to the idea of such a huge theropod, why the hell not? What I find suspicious is that other than THAT particular article on Scienceray, there is absolutely nothing about it online. Plus, the article is from 2010, and it states that the fossils were to be revealed in december of that year- nothing was ever mentioned. I also find it weird that it doesn´t state the state in which the super-rex was found, as southern Mexico is not known for its dinosaurs (only the Richardoestesia tooth was ever found there) and the mere fact of finding dinosaur remains in that region would probably be national news. I don´t know... there's something fishy about it. :(

  • I was thinking such myself. A comedy of mistranslations and poor journalism leading to a farce perhaps?

  • Possibly. But let's not lose hope :D If the critter is real and yet to be announced, then I'll personally slit the throat of whatever paleontologist gives him a bad name. It would deserve something as epic as Tyrannosaurus rex!:D

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