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Clementine Question

  • 08-02-2012 7:55pm
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    I have Clementine installed on Mandriver 2011 and Windows XP.

    In both instances when I added a music folder to its library on first use, (the same folder in both cases), it actually added every single music type file that existed in every partition on the hard drive. (Mandriver was set to mount all the Windows partitions).

    Anybody got any idea why it does this and is there a fix.

    In Windows I've checked the registry and the only entry under library folders is the one I added yet audio books which are not only in a different top level folder but on a different partition appear in the library.

    I also don't seem to be able to exclude them from any random playlist or remove them from the library.


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    Not using Mandriva ..... using PCLinuxOS which is a relative - or was ...... launched Clementine ........ Selected library from the left panel, and selected to add a folder ..... navigated to the folder I wanted to add and highlighted it ..... ensuring it was correctly named at the bottom.

    Only the folder I selected was added ... using Clementine 1.0

    Only thing I know is different is that I have no MS filesystems here with music on them.

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    Sorted there was a copy I'd not removed and not noticed.