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Journalism/makeup artist?

  • 06-02-2012 7:00pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,115 ✭✭✭ Lollipop95

    I really want to be a journalist however I know that I'll never get the points for the Leaving Cert(even if I study a lot I wouldn't be capeable of even getting 400). Is there anyway I can get into journalsim without uni(all the colleges I'd be able to get to have very high point requirements). I've been thinking of doing a short course of even writing into magazines(Magazine journalism is what I'd be interested in). What do you suggest?

    I'm also really passionate about make-up and fasihon and would somehow love to combine the two! I'm just curious how would I get a start in the make up artist industry? I'm in TY atm and would love to do my work exp. with a make-up artistst studio,I've emailed a few but haven't received a reply?

    I want to know the following if possible about the two careers: the money good? the job stable?

    Thanks a mill :)


  • Neither are classified as stable jobs and money could be erratic as freelance work would be common to both these days. But you could very well combine both an become a beauty editor/writer.

    You could do a plc to get your into a journalism degree. Are you doing hons English?

    You could also do a plc in make-up, I think there's a good one in Dun Laoighre. Or a degree:

    You could also do it with LA Make Up, a dedicated private college.
    If you go with the make-up you may be better off starting with beauty therapy to give you more employment options and skills and then specialise in make-up artistry.

    Immediately you should start an online blog writing about and photographing make-up techniques. Do your own looks and photograph them, create a portfolio, write articles about it, critique trends, try to copy looks and photograph them. You would probably see from doing all this where your vocation lies.

    Maybe try split your work experience between a local paper and a large beauty salon....or you could also pester Triona McCarthy, the beauty editor in the Sunday Independent magazine & tv3

  • The Design for Stage and Screen in IADT in Dun Laoghaire isn't a PLC its a full 4 years level 8. My girlfriend is in second year there, they recently went over to London to the IMATS as part of the course, also the college organised for the make up students to do make up for the chinese opera for the national gallery which was great experience and was featured in the irish independent.
    There's 3 different specialities in the course Production Design ,Costume Design
    and Make up Design. Everyone is together in the first year and you do a bit of everything and from second year on you split into your speciality. Seems to be the best make up course in the country, you need to score high in the portfolio to get into it though.
    if you want to see some examples of the stuff they do look at her blog here she puts up pictures of her projects.

  • Loads of journalists get into journalism by doing an Arts degree. If you think you could get the points for that it'd be a perfect way of becoming a journalist. The points are around the mid three hundreds at the moment for most Arts courses, and they're dropping too, so there's every chance you could get in through that route. :)