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Which pharmacy school? - 2012

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    I'm thinking of applying to pharmacy for entry in 2012. Unless there is a dramatic movement in points, I should be ok in terms of grades for the three pharmacy schools in the Republic (I sat my leaving cert in 2005).

    So before I make my final decision, I'm just wondering whether graduates or present students of the various schools would have any particular ideas of which might be the most advantageous schools *specifically* in terms of reputation and skills.

    I already have a degree in another area, and am not as concerned about the social aspect of university anymore. I just want to take a good degree from a reputable pharmacy school, presently with the aim of working in industry.

    I know there have been some threads on this subject in other years, but as these things can change rapidly as the economy changes, I'd really appreciate some up to date advice if you have any?


  • RCSI and UCC do the more industry focussed courses with UCC doing more I think. Trinity do a lot of stuff that isn't relevant any more. I went to UCC so I'm getting my information of the other courses from people who went there.

  • I'm in first year Pharmacy in TCD. It's a very good course and there's nothing we've done so far that hasn't been relevant to Pharmacy (With the exception of Maths).

    Look here for my post on TCD Pharmacy. The post after mine covers RCSI Pharmacy.

  • I was speaking more about the modules in 2nd-4th year. My friends told me there was a good deal of plant (flora) science. I've had discussions with people who have completed the MPharm with me and some of them had difficulty with the MPharm programme and had never used an online lecturing/lecture notes facility. This might also have changed though.

    By the way I registered just over a year ago at this stage. I have experience in community, industrial and research pharmacy. If I was starting again from a pure academic perspective I would pick RCSI. It would be worth your while e-mailing a lecturer from each school or giving them a call. If industry is your thing you'll more than likely want to go with a Pharmaceutics lecturer. Abina Crean or Brendan Griffin are the ones to talk to in UCC. I'm not too sure who you would contact in the other schools.

    The majority of 2nd year in UCC is industry focussed and it becomes more clinical focussed towards 4th year but you'll have industry focussed modules each year.