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GIS & Climate Change NUI Maynooth

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    Looking for info on NUIM GIS Postgrad. Am thinking of going into the area of Cartography and GIS. Graduated with a MA in Geography.... so what to really specialize in.

    Would love to hear from people who completed the course, how they found it and what is the possible job market like out there?

    Also considering the MA in Climate Change.


  • The MSc in GIS at NUIM is okay. It basically a training course in ArcGIS, a training course in ERDAS Imagine (Remote Sensing software) and some Environmental Geophysics thrown in. The Environmental Geophysics was a disaster, most of the class had little interest in it and felt it shouldn't have been such a core component of the course.

    There is also a module on GIScience, which is essentially about the stats and maths behind GIS. Again it was okay, but it felt a little tacked on, as the lecturer who normally takes that side of things had retired the year before.

    There were some guest lectures on Open Source GIS and webGIS which were very good, but these should really become a core part of the course (at the expense of Environmental Geophysics!).

    There was talk of the course being updated for next Jan. It is not running this year in order for the lecturers to catch up on the newer versions of ArcGIS and Imagine. So maybe it will improve for next Jan.

    At the end of the day I got a job out of it, so I'm delighted with that. I was coming from Town Planning, so a change was necessary. There is a MSc in Cork and one up the north someplace as well; they might be a bit more up-to-date with current trends in GIS. I don't know anything about them though. Hope that helps!

  • There is an MSc in GIS in the Uni of Ulster. Great course, great lecturers, but very little jobs out there in this specialism at the min. U have the option of specialising in GIS for Environment / Health / Programming. I found the course very interesting but there is a hell of a lot of work involved in it. Its all practical based with no exams!

  • Hey Guys

    Exactly what kinds of Jobs would a graduate expect to find out of this course?
    Would it involve sitting down at a computer all day? Might one get a road design job from this, town planning, Is there much money to be made at any of these jobs, etc.. I really wouldn't want to start this course without knowing exactly where I can go with this M.Sc. Does anyone know where the best place or people to ask would be apart from the lectures or course Coordinator. I would like to visit them too at some stage.