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Solar bottles for poor people

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    New life for plastic bottles and a simple ingenious way to get light inside shacks.


  • Very good, and any street lights can light up your house at night, maybe not in Manila though....

  • that's so clever..i'm after getting chills...

  • Maybe it would be smarter to control their population growth

    Then they would not have to live in overcrowed shanty towns and windowless shacks.

    Saw a documentry on overcrowding in Manlia
    All the tombs/crypts in the graveyard have people living in them :mad:
    The philiphines is ground zero for overpopulation.
    They still in 2005 have a total fertitliy rate of TFR of 3.27 (2.0 is stablity approx)

    The Catholic church has a big part to play in this insanity.