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TNG - Any Books continue where the movies left off?

  • 14-01-2012 9:02pm
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    Is there any books out there that continue the TNG universe after the movie Nemesis?



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    Star Trek Destiny (Story of the Borg)

    Gods Of Night by David Mack
    Mere Mortals by David Mack
    Lost Souls by David Mack

    Unworthy by Kirsten Beyer (what happens to Seven after Destiny)

    Full Circle by Kirsten Beyer (what happens to B'Elanna after Destiny)

    Synthesis by James Swallow (Star Trek - Titan - Captain Riker)

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    There's an 848 page omnibus edition of the Star Trek Destiny trilogy due out around March 13th. Seems it'll just be available in a paperback edition though. Debating whether to push the button on Amazon now for the 3x books or wait.......hmm........

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    I hope they haven't edited it to shove the three together - unlikely. It's just it happens so much with movies ie. The Kingdom Of Heaven (get U.S. director cut).

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    Death in Winter by Michael Jan Friedman is also a great read.

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    Thanks EarthlyPangaea, that's one for my kindle.

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