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Can't see the difference?


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    I'm not going to get into the whole CA bashing thing.....but here's what I see and can tell you,

    CA Aug - weight 3200g, regarded by many to be a top manufacturer with a better finish externally. IT's also "Out of Stock"

    JG AUG - weight 3400g (Slightly heavier), regarded by many to be a very good clone manufacturer with sturdy internals....In Stock.

    going on my past experience with both JG and CA, I'd probably plump for the JG and upgrade as needed, still working out less than the CA.

    just my 2 cents.

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    I'd agree with the above.

    CA have had terrible reputation en mass in the past and I dont know if they have gotten any better.

    But the JG AUG was the best on the market.

    I think JG are having a bit of a nosedive though lately, not sure, going by Oddys review of the JG G36c, which was by far the best airsoft gun you could buy for cost efficeny and performance, that has slid a bit downhill, so not sure on this AUG.

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    When I bought my CA AUG A1 Classic Army were considered one
    of the mid-range or higher range manufactures and JG was the elcheapo clone manufactures.

    The Classic Army AUG A1 was awarded AEG of the year I think waaay back in 2006-2007 time frame. The Manual cover had Irish Soldiers pictured on the cover and for a period I noticed nearly all of the Irish Retailers could
    not mange to get any of the A1's in Stock for a good while.

    For some reason Irish Airsofters's opinions on the Classic Army Brand appear
    to have gone negative over the years. Most likely cos the cheaper JG brands reputation increased.

    I've both a JG and an CA AUG (although the JG is the Civy version and not the A1) The finish and colour on the the CA version I think looks better. I've had no problems with either brand apart from a gear box lock up once on the CA where I needed release the piston via the anti-reversal latch.


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    The JG is a good one, I have owned two, one very briefly, the other I built a police length carbine model out of it and heavily worked on the internals.
    It's rock solid, I hated the weight distribution of it though, it is a little back heavy for my tastes but is a well made aeg internally.