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ReSit Exam

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    Is it possible to resit an exam even if you hadn't failed it? I sat on of my business exams on friday and to be honest, I had a nightmare. I was fairly confident of doing very well in it, but 2 hours sleep and one or two things popping up that I hadn't expected completely threw me off, it meant I took longer on those questions and ended up not finishing the questions I would have expected to do well in. Should still pass it but not by anywhere near what I would have liked. Thanks in advance


  • Never heard of anyone doing it but I'd assume you can if you request it, best thing to do is go to your school office and ask about it

    Also what year are you in? I know for engineering courses the results from your first two years don't count towards your final degree grade so it might not be worthwhile repeating if you've passed it

  • Im in 3rd year and same happened myself on friday had a panic when a question came up we didnt cover i ended up not finishing. The first two years in our course dont matter which is awful imo as I had high grades the last two years . If we repeat our exam it is a maximum of 40 we were told however I think it is wrong as there could be illness or bereavement the same goes for assignments.

  • It's my 3rd year but I'm technically in 2nd, they changed the structure of the course so it meant we all got pulled back a year. I know that, as long as I pass, my results don't matter much at this point but still, it's more of a personal thing. I was speaking to a friend about it a while back and he said that he did a resit (for 100%, not 40%) even though he passed first time out, although again, maybe he didn't pass, and this was just his way of saving face.

  • As your doing the accounting course, you need to get 50% overall in the accounting based subjects (finance, tax etc) in order to gain an exemption from the ICAI. I doubt you will be able to repeat as everyone would be trying to repeat every exam they didnt do as well as hoped. You could do a lot better than you thought though so stay positive :)