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  • 05-01-2012 4:52pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 22 ✭✭✭ orla52

    because of the recession and the basis of unemployment i have decided to become an accountant. my siblings were in high professions but now they are unemployed. do you think this is a good idea . from the accounting course i can become an accountant or teach accounting economics and another subject of my choice . can anyone give me advice on your professions


  • I think accountancy is a profession that you are either cut out for or not, I know a few people who wanted to become accountants simply because they thought the money was good but they couldn't manage to stick with it.

    To become a fully qualified ACCA/ACA (which are the two most popular qualifications among employers), it can take years of going home to study after doing a hard days work.

    It is usually vastly more rewarding financially to be working in Dublin as opposed to other areas. I know fully qualified accountants who work in rural areas for less than €26,000. If they were working in Dublin, this figure would probably be doubled. Maybe you could try obtain some work experience in an accountancy office to help you decide if you'd like to spend your whole career in that environment???

    Likewise, teaching can also be seen as a calling. Not everyone is thick skinned enough to deal with troublesome teenagers, its not the most popular of jobs. However, the holidays and pension benefits are substantial, especially if working in a rural area. A teachers salary is the same regardless if you are teaching in Dublin City Center or the back arse of nowhere.

    These are just a few of the pros and cons for you to weigh up, best of luck with which ever career path you decide to embark upon.