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How did you do in 2011?

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    Only starting this as I had a decent year. In two leagues here, won 1 (1st Div), lost in the final in the other (PPR)

    Lost in the final in my other two leagues (last one finished yesterday)

    Here's to next year...


  • Dodge wrote: »
    Only starting this as I had a decent year. In two leagues here, won 1 (1st Div), lost in the final in the other (PPR)

    Lost in the final in my other two leagues (last one finished yesterday)

    Here's to next year...

    6 leagues this year

    8 team league - 3rd (7-7)
    8 team league - 1st (8-5)
    Boards D3 (16 team) - 8th (8-5)
    Boards Keeper (16 team) - 7th (5-8)
    16 team league - 1st (7-6)
    20 team league - 9th (7-7)

    all top half finishes and two championships so i'm pretty happy all in all!

  • First time playing so I only entered one league.

    Division 5: 10-3 (#1 seed), managed to win the championship.

    I ended up with all the trophies on offer in the league; regular season champ, overall champ and highest scoring team. I won more trophies in that 4 month stretch than I have in my previous 22 years on this earth.

    It'll be a big step up next year going to Division 4, but I think with a bit more preparation in the pre-season I should do fine. Get a good draft again and I'll be flying.

  • I'm a rookie to FF was sent to Division Two

    I was so bad I lost 9 weeks in a row :o

    But I realy got into it, checking the stats and podcasts and found FF can be so addictive. :D
    Won the last 4 weeks. That's including beating a few playoff teams

    Best waiver wire pickup: Antonio Brown
    Worst mistake: Had Reggie Bush, doing nothing for me, cut him and he then went on a streak for the second half of the season

    So I finished on a strong note though 4-9. Division Three next year and I'll be gunning for promotion

  • Rookie year for me.
    Started in Div 3, managed to scrape a #5 seed after a poor end to the regular season after starting 5-0 & than went on to win the championship thanks to 3 consecutive games where I scored over 100 points in the playoffs:)

  • In five leagues...
    - Total fail in one, 3-10
    - Fifth in PPR,
    -Sixth in Division one
    - Third in Boards Keeper
    - Won championshiop in Orizio's Yahoo league

    Overall not terrible, my first championship ever in 3 years in FF, though could have done a bit better in Div 1. Roll on next year (already going through withdrawal :))

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  • Came 3rd in the Boards College Football League
    Won another Fantasy league on ESPN (16 team)
    Finished 20th in the Boards NFL picks league despite missing two gameweeks
    Boards Division 2 - Crashed and Burned completely! Lost my top two picks through injury early on and found it hard to keep going, finished near the bottom :(

  • 3 finals only won one but it was good for 150 sterling

  • Won the consolation bracket in Div 1. so 7th in the end.

    Finished with a 7 game win streak but missed the playoffs on the bubble due to points for.

    Best waiver wire pickups for me were Fred Davis & Laurent Robinson. Robinson getting hot one of the big reasons I went on such a win streak towards the end of the year.

  • Finished 6-7 in Boards league(8th Place)
    Finished 9-5 in NFL Oireland league(5th place)
    Finished 6-7 in one of my ESPN leagues(14th place)

    The way my season ended in the ESPN league SUCKED. I had Andre Johnson and Jay Cutler a in my team. I lost my last 4 reg. season games after Cutler got injured and missed out on the playoffs :(. I could have made the playoffs at 7-6 but when Forte went down early v the Chiefs in the last reg. season week that was me done.

  • Are you the Chicago bears by any chance?

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  • In my 3 money leagues, i won one and failed to make playoffs in other two (won $330)

    In my 4 boards leagues i came 3rd in Div 1, 3rd in the PPR, 6th in LTTP and 8th in the Keeper

  • 1st in Boards College
    1st in Boards Keeper
    1st in Boards PPR League

    2 Paid Leagues 3rd and 5th finish

    5th Boards Prem

    Other Leagues I was in I didn't care about next year need to cut the list down.

  • First year doing FF

    3rd in Boards Div 2
    4th in PPR league
    mid-table obscurity in the college league
    I entered 2 managed leagues and won both of those
    Came second in another league I was in.

    Not too bad overall. The 16 team league was easily the most difficult. Huge mistake dropping Michael Bush when he wasn't getting much of a look in.

  • My first year doing fantasy football - definitely not the last though!

    Was only in two leagues

    8 team league (9-5) - finished 4th

    Boards Division 3 (7-6) - finished 5th. Won my division by winning 5 straight games after starting 2-6.

    On how I did for the year, in the boards league I was disappointed with my draft but managed to do quite well on the waiver wire (Laurent Robinson, Michael Crabtree, CJ Spiller and Torrey Smith). There wasnt much trading going on.

    In the non boards league - I think I overtraded and definitely got taken to the cleaners on a couple of trades - the worst of which was trading Michael Turner and Santana Moss for DeSean Jackson and Joseph Addai in week 4 - which screwed me at RB when Bradshaw got injured.

    Looking forward to next year already though!

  • 1st year doing it on here and loved it. my team in div.3 finished 13th, my draft picks were'nt the best but was doing ok (4-3 i think) when bradshaw got injured and as my main points man that was a big blow, finished on 5-8. funny thing was when my season ended my team averaged 90 points per game in the last 4 games :D.

    i won the 8 team NFL managed league i was in, finished 4th in the table with a 9-5 record, but thanks to brees and megatron in the semi and then good performances from brees, megatron, jordy nelson and victor cruz in the final managed to win it by 24 points.

    roll on next season.

  • 1st year in FF and managed just one team came in 6th in Div 5.

    Ended up 2nd top scorer and 3rd highest scored against resulting in being seeded 5th and an early play-off loss.

    No decent backup RB cost me when Fred Jackson went down. Had 2 great waiver pickups in Victor Cruz and Laurent Robinson to go with V Jackson (my 2nd round draft pick and easily my worst pick), but I kept picking the wrong pair of WR to start and left points on the bench constantly. All in all enjoyed it and will be back next year.

    Despite our many flaws division 5 was great banter.

    Go Zebras

  • First year playing here and it was a learning experience since I had never played in 16-man leagues before. It was way tougher than the 10/12-man leagues I had played in previously.

    5-8 in Division 3 and 11th place after the playoffs.
    6-7 in Keeper for 4th place after the playoffs.

    I also played a 10-man Yahoo Public league and finished with a 8-5 record and was the 4th seed in the championship bracket. I won the semi and final to take 1st so was happy to have some success in FF this season.

    I'll be back next season for more punishment :)

  • A disappointing 7-7 record was only good enough for 11th place in Div. 4

    Post mortum:
    • My drafted WR's underperforming every week. Maclin, Boldin, M. Williams. My WRs finished 34th, 37th and 50th in scoring
    • I did not draft a TE, and in todays NFL the gap between the good ones and the average ones has increased. Definitely on my list of to-do's next year.
    • I had 2 serviceable QB's in Manning and Cutler, every time I chose Cutler, he badly underperformed.

    • Manning was a star and I should have rode riden chose him all season. He'll go higher than the 7th I got him in, next year. He was the 6th highest scorer for QBs
    • Rice was a workhorse again (when Harbaugh fed him the ball!) He was the top scorer for RBs
    • Willis McGahee was a nice RB2 option. He finished 20th amongst RBs

    Looking forward to doing it all again next year. Also want to give a big thanks to all in Division 4. There was a high level of maintenence, free agent activity, trades, waivers, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

  • Came second last in my work league, winning EUR25 or something.

  • 1st in Boards Division 2
    14th in Boards Keeper

    2nd in 8 team other league.

    Considering I was on auto draft in all leagues, pretty happy with the year.

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  • Was my first year playing fantasy, was in two 10 man leagues (one with friends and one with randomers)

    Won the one with my friends and came 3rd in the random league. Happy out, looking forward to next year :D