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Gyms In Longford

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    Hi there,

    Looking for a bit of help. just moved up to Longford from Dublin (living in ballymahon but working in Longford town). I'm looking for a deacent gym somewhere in the town or if possible the ballymahon side of town so I can go on the way to or from work.

    I've had a look on-line and all i can seam to find is a girls only gym, and a few hotel leisure clubs.

    I'm looking for a place with dumbbells going up to about 30 kg, free squat racks (as opposed to smith machines) enough room to dead lift, a cable station and somewhere to do some pull ups, chin ups etc.

    Any one know of any decent gyms filling all those criteria?

    Thanks and merry Christmas to you all!


  • Longford Arms Hotel gym and the Mall gym.

    not sure of the rates but the Mall would be cheaper.

    Sean Connollys football club in Ballinalee also have an advirtisment on the somewhere in the Longford Leader for a years gym membership for €100, you can't go wrong at that price and the selection of equipment is very good. The opening hours may not allow for morning training though, your as well to root out the Leader and ring and find out if it does interest you.