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Is it legal to convert a drm protected ebook from one format to another?

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    Registered Users Posts: 711 ✭✭✭ Mad Mike

    Thinking of getting an e-reader but I have noticed that the ebook market is split between kindle drm and adobe epub drm at the moment and neither format has all of the books I am interested in plus there are advantages to being able to shop around.

    I have also noticed that you can get software to remove drm and allow conversion from to the other. I won't link to it in case it is against the rules but I wonder if it is legal to use such software in Ireland at present.

    Apologies if this is an old old question but my own clumsy searches have just confused me. The 2001 EU directive seems to make it illegal to use such tools even for personal use but that doesn't seem to have been implemented in Irish law yet. In fact I have read about possible exceptions for fair use.

    Anyone know what the current legal position is in Ireland with respect to using software tools to convert drm protected ebooks from one format to another?