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Whats the difference between an official meteor store and a regular meteor store?

  • 03-12-2011 5:55pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 221 ✭✭ lestat21

    I bought my Blackberry 5 months ago and it recently broke and had to be sent away.

    Problem was I had bought the phone in Galway and I now live in Ballina. When I went into the Ballina store, I was told that they couldnt send it away for me as they werent an official meteor store and Id have to go back to Galway. So I spent 40 minutes on hold to meteor customer care and I was told that the closest official meteor store was in castlebar. I went to castlebar and was told that they werent an offical meteor store either!! I eventually had to travel all the way to Galway just to get my phone sent away.

    What is the difference??! These shops both say meteor over the door but they refuse to provide any form of customer care unless you bought your phone in their shop. It makes no sense to me at all as they are franchises of meteor. I will not be buying my next phone in either store.

    I felt like I should make a complaint, simply because customer care said castlebar would send it away for me and it turned out they wouldnt. All this travelling costs and im unemployed at the minute and very unimpressed.

    Has anyone had similar problems? or advice on whether or not I have a legitimate complaint??


  • The stores in Ballina and Castlebar are Authorised Meteor Agents. The Galway shop is a full blown Meteor store.

  • Thanks for the clarification but is it the policy of all authorised meteor agents to not send phones for repair unless they are bought in their own store? and why werent meteor customer care aware of this difference when they sent me to the castlebar shop?