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MacBook Pro unresponsiveness

  • 22-11-2011 9:31pm
    Registered Users Posts: 331 ✭✭ taylorconor95

    I changed my RAM at the start of November to 8GB Crucial, and on the same day upgraded to Lion.

    I was on Lion before but I downgraded as I didn't think 4GB was enough for what I was doing

    Since the start of November, my mac has become weirdly unresponsive twice. It looks like its off, the indicator light if off, screen won't respond to brightness increase it stays off. The only way to tell if its on is to listen to the fans and also the caps lock key light comes on when pressed (but the keyboard backlight does nothing, stays off even when pressing the F5 F6 buttons)

    Im wondering if this is Lion related, Crucial RAM related, neither or both???

    Anyone with similar issues?

    Oh sorry also has only happened when the machine goes to sleep