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METEOR incompetency

  • 22-11-2011 6:36pm
    Registered Users Posts: 7 ✭✭✭ fingo86

    Below is a copy of an email I sent to meteor complaints department, using their 'contact us' facility, though going on my experience with Meteors Customer Care, I doubt if it will ever be read. I feel like my story needs to be made known, this kind of incompetency needs to be aired. I would like to point out that I have been with meteor for 6 years, mostly due to the fact that my friends are, thankfully this is changing and as soon as my contract is up I will be finding a new network provider.

    Dear Sir/Madame,
    I am writing to you regards the complete dissatisfaction and gross incompetence I am experience with my Meteor service. The problems with the service that I have been having have been causing me quiet an amount of stress and inconvenience. It began when I registered a claim with CPP regards damage caused to the screen of my phone, a HTC desire s. The screen had been dropped and was now cracked. The phone was still fully operational and had no other issues apart from the cosmetic problem. Regardless I decided to get it repaired under my policy with CPP. This was almost two months ago. CPP could not process the claim due to the fact that they had not been updated with the new IMEI of my phone. The reason that the IMEI had changed from the original was because I had exchanged it under warranty in the first week and the METEOR shop staff never updated the IMEI on my account. At this stage I was instructed by CPP to contact Customer Care at Meteor and ask them to send confirmation of the IMEI number to CPP. I contacted Customer Care who informed that I would have to contact the shop to get them to update the IMEI on my account. This is where I begin to take issue. It was in a Meteor shop where I purchased my phone, not a third party shop, it was METEOR staff that originally made the mistake of not updating my IMEI. Despite it being Meteors’ error, I was expected to solve it. What is the point of Customer Care if they can't resolve an issue within their own company?! I might understand if it had been a third party shop but surely a METEOR shop should be contactable by METEOR CUSTOMER CARE?! I agreed to contact the shop myself. Unfortunately despite several efforts at contacting the shop from a number retrieved from their website ( I was unsuccessful. The fact that they don't answer a number advertised as their contact number is unfortunate as the Shop, located on William Street, Galway, is quiet a distance from where I am now living, Cork. Despite this I managed to drive to Galway and speak to one of the members of staff. She was very helpful and offhandly informed me that the reason they don't answer the phone is that they are usually too busy, I wonder why they bother to advertise a contact number so, or why they don't install some sort of messaging service?! Thankfully she updated my IMEI number on my account. I then called customer care, who confirmed that the IMEI number had been updated. They informed me that an email would be sent to CPP confirming the updated IMEI. I made this call on the 10th of November. I then contacted CPP a number of times. They informed me on each occasion that they had not received any correspondence from meteor regarding my account. You can imagine I was getting a little frustrated with customer care at this point. Not only were Meteor the source of the problem but they seemed intent on making it as difficult as possible to solve as well. CPP advised me to contact Customer Care again and get them to send me an email, which I could then forward to CPP. I contacted Customer Care today at 10.30 to try and resolve the problem. I outlined the issue I was having and asked for the email with the updated IMEI be resent to CPP along with a copy to my email address. While he did this he put me on hold. While on hold I was cut off. Shortly after my phone stopped receiving any signal. I accessed the network options on my phone where it informed me that my sim card would not allow a connection to the Meteor network. I rang customer care to ensure that the email had been sent, outlining that I had been cut off. They assured me that it was. I also asked about this new issue I was having. They asked me to try it in another meteor phone to see if it was a problem with the handset or the sim card. I did this to find that my sim card was still working, but I couldn't understand why my phone would suddenly stop working. I contacted CPP to see if they had received the email, they said they still hadn't received any correspondence. I also had not received any email. I rang back to customer care who informed me that my email was in a queue to be sent. A QUEUE! Even though I had been waiting over to months to try and rectify this problem, a problem that was caused by METEOR STAFF! I was informed that it would be made priority, I then enquired as to what could be wrong with my phone. What happened next dumbfounded me. Apparently whomever I was talking to earlier in the day had interpreted that my phone was STOLEN and they had barred it from being used!! All I asked for was an email to be sent to CPP with my new IMEI. Somehow from the conversation it was inferred that I wanted my phone blocked as it had been stolen...I now had to answer a number of security questions and I am now waiting for the care staff to listen back to the earlier conversation before my phone can be unblocked. I was told to expect a call tomorrow, not really sure how that is going to happen considering my phone is blocked but I wait with baited breath. I know this email reads as some sort of joke because surely this kind of comedy of errors only happens on TV but apparently METEOR is about as competent as basil and his faulty towers. Below are some suggestions on how the service might be improved:
    1. Hire more care staff, every time I rang I was informed that they were quiet busy and advised to call back later.
    2. If a problem is caused by a Meteor error then have the decency to solve it yourselves. I should have had to make one phone call outlining the problem and it should have been solved. It wasn't a big task, a relatively simple problem really, yet Meteor managed to make it a huge ordeal.
    3. This might be a crazy idea but maybe Meteor Customer Care could interact with Meteor shops, I'm not sure how the company works but it seems like there is a complete disconnect between online/call services and Meteor stores?! When I was changing my phone under warranty I had to deal with Customer Care and the shop. At one point I was in the shop on the phone to customer care simultaneously conversing with the shop employee who were both claiming that the other was incorrect!!
    4. While I am ranting I might as well point out that your 99% coverage claim is completely ridiculous, you have by far the worst reception of any network, I didn't think this was always the case, maybe Meteor is getting worse, or maybe other networks are just improving while Meteor are not.
    Of course I don't really care if Meteor make any of these improvements, unless Meteor's service improves astronomically I will be changing my network provider as soon as my contract is concluded. Thanks for your time.

    Everything in this email is true to the best of my memory, It has been taking place over two months so exact conversations might not be accurate but the gist is right, the comment on Meteors network coverage is just my opinion.


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  • Dude it's your fault get over it and stop sobbing on the internet, When you change your car you have to tell the insurance company the details of the new car, the same applies to every other kind of insurance like your phone.

    This is AH now mosey on over to consumer issues where you'll be told the exact same thing.

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