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Sand Dunes

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    Hi everyone :)

    I was hoping would hoping would anyone know what the highest sand dune in ireland is called and its height? My geography project is due tomorrow so any help would be great! :)


  • I'm not sure if that has been firmly established. I did some sand dune surveying before and don't remember any particular one as the highest. There is a bare, unvegetated dune ridge at Dooey, in Donegal that is certainly the highest/largest bare sand dune in the country. I think its generally referred to as 'big dune'! Otherwise, tall (vegetated) dunes of 20m plus occur at a number of sand dunes throughout the country.

    You could try contacting Karen Gaynor, who is a coastal ecologist at the NPWS headquarters in Ely Place in Dublin.

  • The six inch maps will have the heights of "large" dunes on them eg,575695,901067,6,7
    You could scroll around a few sample sites and find out their heights. The dune complex on Horn Head is fairly extensive and there are some large dunes there. Might be worth checking them out as well.