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Do you still go out to the smoking areas?

  • 15-11-2011 4:20pm
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    The idea came from another thread. It's regarding smoking areas. When I gave up smoking a while back, I'd still go out periodically to the smoking area for fresh air. During the winter, when pubs and clubs increase the temp, I'd go out more often. Have read that others do this also.

    So my question is: do the ex-smokers still go into the smoking area for fresh air? Someone who always stayed inside may not notice how hot it becomes, but I'd usually be outside when smoking, and when not smoking, I'd also come outside. A few people who don't smoke anymore also come outside and my question is to them; would you go outside for fresh air as often as you would when your smoking?

    When I gave up smoking, I missed smoking as it was "an excuse" to be in the smoking area (yes daft, but there you go) as I felt a tad bit uncomfortable not smoking in the smoking area.


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    Depends on where I am and who I'm with. If in the Long Stone for example I've spent the whole night out in the smoking area with friends who included a smoker. At a recent BGRH beers I was there and never went outside as there were no smokers in the group. In some places it's crowded and if I'm with a smoker I may accompany him outside for fresh air.

    Smoking areas in a lot of places are not purely for smokers anymore. Some of them are preferable to the beer fart stinking pubs :D

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    this time of year its usually nicer to be inside;)

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    I recenlty gave up, and I still go outside when I'm out in the pub. Well. My friends still smoke, and there's one pub we go to that has a proper heated smoking area, comfortable seats, TV for the football etc, it's like being inside, so I still sit with them.

    the few times I've been in the company of smokers in town etc, I'm still going outside, especially if it's very warm inside, just to get some fresh air and cool down, and also to get that superior feeling of no longer being a smoker (:D:pac:)

    Although, that's becoming less and less of a thing now, last weekend I was out for a meal with the family, then on to a pub and then a club, and I didn't go out to the smoking area once in the whole night.

    In work, I still go out once or twice a day with the smokers, but that's just to get away from the desk and computer really.

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    when you dont know where the smoking area is, its a good sign that youve given up

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    I haven't quit yet so maybe I dont' belong here :rolleyes: but re the smoking area, I too find that in winter, because they turn up the heat inside and there are more people inside also, I find it unbearable so I spend the whole night in the beer garden/smoking area. This always results in me smoking more because rather than "popping out for one" every hour, I am sitting there with a pint and box of fags in front of me. The temptation to chain smoke is there!

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    I used to go out to the smoking area in work after I gave up to keep up with the gossip but I felt like I no longer belonged so I eventually phased it out. To be honest it is the one thing I miss about smoking and one of the reasons I delayed giving up.