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Craigavon Cowboys

  • 16-10-2011 5:47pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 164 ✭✭ TITAN #1

    American Football's next Irish Champions, discuss.


  • A welcome to them in Ireland.

  • Excellent.

    Good start.

  • I can see it happening.It will take a major effort to stop then this year or a meltdown within(cant see that happening) Ul and the Rebels are the looking good but not that there best,But they are the kind of teams to lift it when needed so i see Cowboys in the final in 2012.Only thing is which of the other big two we be there

  • I'll check them out.

    The thread title made me assume this was a post about youths with mufflers out drifting on the weekends!:D

    Where do they play out of?

  • The Guvnor wrote: »
    this was a post about youths with mufflers
    :eek: Leave me out of it :D

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  • :D LOL!

  • Cowboys play at Brownlow Sports Campus, Craigavon.

    Check for details.

  • Thanks Titan!

  • Cowboys back training at Brownlow Sports Campus on Sunday 8th January from 12 noon.

    All welcome for free non committal try out.

    Volunteers also wanted to train as coaches, referees and general volunteers for game day.

  • Saw it too late.

    Like that is the only reason I would not try out.

    Given I'm closer to 40 than 30 I prefer to maintain my athletic prowess via non-contact gym activity!:D

    Will defo try and drop up one of the days though - as for me coaching....

    I know a bit about football but I could see myself being a bit of a Mike Ditka style coach - not sure this would fly nowadays!:D

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  • Do you guys have a facebook fanpage? I can only see the wiki entry or someone's personal page :D

  • @The Guvnor.....the oldest rookie to take up the sport in Ireland....46.

    I appreciate you desire for self preservation though.

    @ Pow Wow, we have a web site and a face book page.

  • Self preservation is critical.

    I've a few years to go before I hit 46 but still.

    Trying to hit the gym 5-6 days a week this year - 3 rowing machine workouts and 2-3 weights.

    How is the season going so far?

  • Our season starts with a home game in Lurgan Park on the 11th March against the Belfast Trojans.
    We have a good sized squad and recruited a lot of experienced talent during the off season.
    Looking forward to it.

  • How did it go?