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Dumbbells or Kettlebells?

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    I'm trying to decide which to buy - I saw a good deal for 2x24kg KBs for €80. I don't really need to have different weights - I think I could do most exercises with those.

    Or would it be better to go for some adjustable DB's. I've used some before and wasn't really a fan, but does anyone think being able to change the weight would be a big advantage over the KBs?

    IMO I could get more variety out of the KBs, but I'm looking for opinions...

    Muchos Gracias...


  • well what are you looking to use whatever you buy for?

    You have mickk's plates...he does decent handles. I have handles and find them great. I got along fine without them at the start but once i got the sorted i realised how much of a variation of exercises i was missing.

    I also have a 20kg KB and now i've moved more twoards the conditioning side of things ( boo hissss) for jujitsu i wouldnt be without a KB these days.

  • If you're getting olympic dumbbell handles just make sure you have enough 5kg plates to make them worth while, bigger plates make pressing with them difficult as they restrict the ROM. You could also get some fat-gripz for dumbbell variation, but as drifter said, if its conditioning you're after then kettlebells are probably you're best bet

  • I'm mainly looking for something that will let me add a bit of variety, and to help with conditioning. They would also be handy for some exercises that I haven't got room to do with a barbell - lunges / cleans / presses.

    I think I'll go with the KBs, I think I should be able to cover most stuff pretty well with those and a barbell

  • Good choice....

    I think a good bit of the ( little amount) of strength I have maintained has been because of the KB stuff I do.

  • I think if you don't need to be able to change weight, KBs are the way to go.

    Esp over adjustable dumbbells, I just don't like em!

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