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Forum Charter

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    Welcome to the Rate My Mix forum! As this is a new forum this charter is provisional and subject to change. Here is an initial set of ground rules:

    No Spam
    Please don't post the same thing in multiple threads or across forums. If you're not sure if what you're doing constitutes spam PM me and I'll clarify.

    Post in the Right Place
    This forum is for Boards users to post up song mixes to get constructive criticism of. Anything else can most likely go somewhere else and will either be moved or deleted if posted here. If you're not sure whether your thread belongs here, PM me and I'll set you straight.

    No Links to Copyrighted Material
    Please don't link to copyrighted MP3s, videos, sheet music or tabs. Again, if you're not sure ask me and I'll let you know whether what you want to post is okay.

    Be Polite to One Another
    This is a discussion forum so naturally there will be disagreements. Please remember the golden rule to attack the post and not the poster. If you're going to criticise what someone posts, please be constructive. Explain what you don't like and, if possible, how you would improve it.

    No Txt Spk
    You've got a full keyboard in front of you. Please use it.

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