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Fallout2 apps and computor programme

  • 12-10-2011 2:46am
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    An intresting little programme to find out what sort of damage you could expect anywhere in the world if a nuke was detonated.From suitcase size[1kiloton,pretty survivable] up to an asteroid impact[Forget it!].
    It gives you pressure,fallout and thermal and wind direction.
    Handy if you are planning in building a refue somwhere.:)

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    Good find, I've nuked my nearest airport (most likely target) and we should be ok for 2 MT with the initial blast. Are bombs this big even used anymore, I'd have thought that the biggest tactical nuke would be 100-200Ktonnes for any one target (not taking into account multiple nukes per site).

    The fallout though is heading IMO in the wrong direction. I just messed up Shannon and think that a lot of fallout should be blown Eastward far more than shown, which would be very bad news for me. I'm going to play around with this a bit more.

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    Depends on who is doing the nuking and more importantly why.
    EG Take Shannon airport.Close enough to me to be a target too

    If it was an total area denial decision,IOW you want no one to use it at all,then I suppose a 1mt would be plenty,possibly even overkill.mostly it would be nowadays a neutron bomb,so that you have killed off everyone and own the ground and facilities.
    Doubt they would waste a ICBM on Ireland anymore:D

    The whole geopolitik of the World has changed,and the whole concept of nuke thy neighbour has moved to the 3rd world.Terrorists in these cost concious times,want as much bang for their buck too,and when you think how much 9/11 cost to put together and the weaponary was a few stanley knives to control a plane.Why would they be botherd with trying to aquire a nuke??Thats not to say if one was for sale,functional and at a good price ,they wouldnt scarf it up too.Thats why I think they will go for somthing made from chemicals or germ warfare.Cheap,easily done,and very low risk to put together.

    IMO where this would come in handy is if say hypothecially a dirty or suitcase bomb was used in a city you might visit ,there it might be a good idea to use this to plan a route out of the place in a hurry.

    Confucius say."He who says one man cannot change World. Never has eaten bat soup in Wuhan!"