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  • 06-10-2011 10:45am
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    I have recently finished one of my personal projects using Drupal. It's called ( and it aims at helping parents find babysitters in Ireland. please spare a couple of minutes if you can to give some general feedback on the website. Drupal feedback is also appreciated.


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    Very nice concept and very pro-mummy :)

    You just need to double check some styling issues.
    In Chrome I can see your logo in the bottom left corner but it is not there in IE. It goes under the photo and is not visible.
    Is your menu intentionally made to be aligned to the right right? Have you tried centring it?
    On the internal page ( punch line (helps you ..) is too close to the border. you need to align and indent text properly. It is unreadable. FAQ part, text again is too close to the border.

    Good idea overall, a bit of polishing on top and it is ready to go.
    Good luck!

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    Everything on the homepage is too big.

    The Drupal framework you are using is producing code under the bonnet that is very very bloated. There are almost 100 css and javascript calls which is nuts. This also slows the site down and is likely resulting in styles and FB widgets not being loaded for the About Us and other pages for me so they look awful with zero graphics or typography.

    Trust is vital in this area of work and that includes trust in who runs the site. Providing a postal address would improve trust and you definitely need a Privacy Policy as you are taking personal and sentsitive information. There is some Mollom Privacy Policy linked but who they are and how that relates to your operation isn't obvious enough.

    I reckon you should rethink the sizing, terminology and tightening the layout to get better distinction between: Jobs Offered; Jobs Wanted; Parent Signup; Childcare Provider Signup; How It Works (which should include most of the FAQ items) and Ratings and Reviews.

    Not a fan of grey on grey colour schemes for readabilty purposes. Same goes for washed out pink/purple on grey.

    I would also consider formatting your site name as WeBabySit for better readability.

    In the provider profiles the 'Introduction, References and ratings, Map, Wall' breaking to 2 lines in the References and Ratings tab. FireFox6

    You have some duplication of FAQ questions.

    Try to encourage users to include price information. Most childcare providers omit this key info from listings and sites and it's frustrating for users to have jump through hoops to get this important purchase info.

    Consider how to handle and moderate negative reviews which might lead to problems.

    Use a proper list format for step by step items eg. would be better displayed like:

    To contact a parent, you can use the following methods.
    1. you can add their profile to your relationship list. In doing so, they will be tagged as potential candidates and you will be able to follow them.
    2. you can send them a private message using our internal messaging system on
    3. you can leave a comment on their wall and they will come back to you next time they're online.
    4. you can chat to them online if they are connected at the same time you are. Just open the appbar at the bottom of the page and start your conversation right away.
    5. and perhaps more importantly, you will be able to apply to jobs being advertised by parents as well as creches. In doing so, you will be able to contact employers in a more formal fashion by sending them their CVs and also interacting with them using the methods described above.


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    thank you guys for your valuable insights. It is definitely what I needed to find out things that needed immediate attention.

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    I am trying to register as a babysitter and can't find my original password, I've tried 4 times, can you help me? I find the registration very confusing as regards password entering