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Tornado replacement battery

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    Hi all - I think I've lost my backup battery for my tornado, so want to get a replacement pretty quick, given that the recharge time is at least 5+ hours.

    I'm looking for one with a good life and is compatible with my mains and USB chargers, and also the mega carts. Any good suggestions, and which site to use? Thanks.


  • Collection is available from this site.
    eGo-T battery.
    Tornado is same just different name.(open to correction on that)

    If your near Bray i have a spare 650mAh battery, bring some juice though i'm just about out of it lol :mad:

  • Thanks for that - I might get one of these, I'll have it Tuesday morning which should work for me

    If you're stuck I have some b&h backup liquid. I won't insult you by offering the cappuccino stuff I'm never going to use

  • Ah ok, it looked like ya needed one pronto :)
    Have a look in the threads, not sure if that LCD battery is regulated voltage.

    Cheers for the offer, i might get away with it till Tuesday.
    That Cappuccino must be vile after what i read about it !

  • it really, really is

  • Sorry, I just meant in the next few days, I can hang on until then with some tactical charging! Let me know if you need that liquid; just got a 30 mil bottle of tobacco mint until my DIY kit arrives, so can definitely spare the B&H stuff - must be at least 10ml left.

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  • Waiting on a delivery from the same place as you, ordered on Monday and received 3 emails rapidly. Then on Friday i got another one saying it was shipped on Friday so may wait an extra few days for that.

    Will send you a PM if i need that juice, will give you couple dual coil cartomisers as a swap.

  • Got a reply for once - that LCD one I linked to will work with the stuff I've bought already so will go with it. Let me know about the liquid, in bray as well.

  • @ Eoin
    if you are in the Lucan area let me know and I can lend you a 650mh batt for a couple of days to tied you over. Also as mentioned if you are on the North side of Dubland then can really recomend E-Cig ireland , really nice girl that runs it met me in Raheny 2 weeks running to collect juce atties ( dual coil mega rocks) and an egoT kit for my sister good price , great service...

  • Thanks Amigaman, but it arrived today and I was able to survive on my remaining battery.

    Unfortunately, it's not giving a decent hit at all, when I use exactly the same cart that I was using with the standard battery. I'll give it a while though.

  • Actually, I think I have to press the button each time, rather than hold it down like before. I'll give that a go for a while.

    Edit - yep, that's all it was. It's not automatic, so you need to press the button so the LCD counter can show how many times you've used it. Got the XL one, which is huge! Don't think I can use the mega cartomisers with it, purely because it will look like a walking stick at that stage.

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  • Last post on this - battery life is pretty good, getting about 350 draws from it per charge. But I'm not sure it's worth it for the size of it. If standard batteries weren't about the same price as this one, I'd probably just buy two normal ones and rotate them.

  • what do you mean press the button down each time, isnt that the way manual batteries just.. are?

    or do you hit the button when you start to inhale and then depress?

  • I mean you have to press the battery for each and every drag. On the standard battery I just keep pressing the button for multiple drags. Edit: and in fact, seems to give a much better drag too.

  • Sounds like a woeful short cutout time Eoin.
    But if it's workin for ya.

  • I think it's intentional. It's not an automatic battery, so the only way the LCD can increment is if the button is pressed each time. So it's sort of technology for technology's sake. You can still get a long drag off one press of the button.

  • hrm.. i'll certainly consider it if/when i need new batteries

    dont really care about the size, so long as it fits in my pocket ill be happy. and the bigger it is, the easier it will be to use as a weapon when looting and mayhem breaks out over the euros collapse/eu declaring martial law.

  • Admittedly I did forget to consider that when I was buying it, so that's a bonus I suppose!