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Getting in touch

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    I think we will admit it's a little quiet around here. Just thought I should mention that this board isn't the only way to talk to tog members!

    Our primary communication happens through mailing lists and irc, but we also have the website, and a twitter account if you're just interested in the highlights.

    All details (as well as a web-client for irc) can be found on our contact page:

    But if you have something you want to talk about here, feel free :)

    P.S. we are nearly at the end of our server move so the website should be behaving itself again.


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    Hi, I'm planning to start a taught 1 hour afterschool electronics class in our local primary school in Terenure (for kids age approx 10/11) in the next few weeks. We're in the process of ordering 10 arduino kits which will probably take us a couple of weeks to obtain etc.

    In the meantime myself and the tutor are planning to trial the class on 4 kids in my home so we can gauge the pace and material etc.

    We have one Arduino kit but wondering if you would know anywhere we could borrow a second one for about 2 weeks or so?
    Hopefully you can help!
    Tracy Pryce

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    There are probably a few arduinos in TOG. I think also Maplin stock them in Dublin, along with Radionics and Farnell.

    Which exact kit have you ordered and what parts do you need to have for your tests?

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