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Soldier I


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    i dont think this has anything to do with airsoft

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    That's what I thought but when I wrote to them they said:

    Yeah, that's correct. Courses are essentially for anyone, utilising airsoft weapons - if you don't have your own kit it can be hired at the venue. The theory and techniques covered are real Special Forces skills - eg BRAVO1 covers the SAS 4-man patrol and how that operates. So it's 'real' but also a lot of fun! And you get to hang out with (and attack!) Pete and Bob.

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    where is this event?

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    Some details(from the website in the link):

    DATE : Saturday 15th October 2011
    LOCATION : The Grange, Coventry, CV7 7FP :
    HOURS : Start 1000 hrs. End 1700 hrs approx. Check-in from 0900 hrs.

    PRICE : £80 (£5 discount to Troopers who have completed BRAVO1)
    BOOKINGS : Call The Grange on 01676 532 384 or CLICK HERE to book online.

    For anyone* interested in gaining an insight into the core combat skills and tactics of British Special Forces.

    What to expect: This course, developed and taught by our specialist ex-SAS Instructors Pete Winner and Bob Podesta, will focus on the Ambushing techniques of the SAS. As a member of Nimrod Platoon you will learn how to ambush SAS style; from classroom theory, in the field drills to live fire scenarios: -

    - Reaction to enemy ambush
    - Anti-ambush drills
    - Harbour routine
    - Ambush orders and preparation
    - Ambushing - live fire
    ...and more!

    ...If you do get a group together and all come over from Ireland there is camping available at the venue site and I believe they also have good connections with local hotels so should be able to help get a good deal on accommodation.

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    If your looking for somthing like this try tier1 they have been doing very interesting things ate far more relivant to airsoft

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    Hey Puding,

    I'd never heard of Tier1 but some googling found:

    With a good video:

    It looks similar to Soldier I. They both seem geared to fostering proper procedure ...
    The key word in that last sentence is "learning".

    Learning is what TIER-1 is ALL about. Period!

    If you want to aimlessly run around a piece of woodland somewhere, clad from head to foot in any load-out, regardless of the tactical environment and expend industrial amounts of bb's …

    Then please do not sign up.

    Couildn't hurt to try both :-)

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    Has anyone seen this or attended it:

    Have you any connection with that site?

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    Given that I asked if anyone had seen or attended you can safely assume no (my earlier post said I contacted them to find out more). I have no affiliation with the site at all. I stumbled across it by accident. To be honest I was just curious to see if anyone had attended it.

    The details I presented were taken directly from the web site and quoted from an email I sent to the company responsible for Soldier I.

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    Thanks, just wanted to be sure you didn't sign up here purely to promote them - we get a lot of that and we don't allow free advertising.

    Welcome to boards/airsoft, enjoy the forums. :)

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    Thanks. I appreciate the concern.

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