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Lihevenator tani - Inner Mongolian Troodontid

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    With the posting of Talos sampsoni, I was reminded that I forgot to post news of a new troodontid dinosaur called Linhevenator tani which lived in Inner Mongolia (which is, rather confusingly, actually located in China) during the late Cretaceous.
    Compared to other troodontids, Linhevenator had a relatively long shoulder blade, a relatively short and thick humerus, and its second toe was tipped in a specialized, retractable claw like that seen in Troodon but not in some earlier members of the group. This is a curious suite of characteristics. Whereas Linhevenator appears to have had a killing claw similar to that of its dromaeosaurid cousins like Deinonychus, the newly described dinosaur may have had proportionally short and strongly muscled arms. This may hint that Linhevenator was not using its arms to capture prey in the same way as dromaeosaurids or earlier troodontid dinosaurs, even if it did have a specialized killing claw.


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