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Masking text in lecture notes

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    I'm putting together some lecture notes. I'd like to be able to blank some worked examples, so that students will work through them in the lectures. I've found a few workarounds on the net, but none are very reliable.

    Ideally I want the layout of the instructor and student copies to be identical, so just doing a straight if/then won't work. I don't want to have to work out the \vspace either.

    The only other way I figured to do it would be to force a page-break before and after the example, and keep it to one page. This isn't really going to work either.

    I could also open the PDF afterwards in something like Acrobat and just delete the relevant section. It does remove the ability to do quick updates and corrections on the fly.

    Has anyone come up with a straightforward way to do this in LaTeX?