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parking tickets

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    Did anyone else get a parking ticket yesterday? So angry yes I know I should not be parked in ashlawn but the college does not accomodate for even half the people that go there. A new car park was promised for sept and nothing it is crazy. If I was able id cycle but ive two young children to drop to school before I start my day so it is impossible to be there at 9am. 40 euro I cannot afford.


  • I didnt get a ticket personally but I seen them being dished out along the port road by traffic wardens, there is a few places around town that have an agreement with the college to allow students to park on their premises, seen here in the link

    I normally come in around 9 in the morning and its fairly easy to get one and if im in later on in the day come in an a half an hour early and float about until someone pulls out :pac:

  • The overflow carpark will not be ready till next summer. Planning only gone in recently. To be honest Ashlawn is the last place you should be parking seeing as the residents are the ones who make the biggest protest over the students parking cars there.

  • There isnt a lot can do about it when my own child starts at 9.30. It was promised for September proper parking. In the paper 500 carpark spaces for nearly 4,000 students plus staff that isnt fair. Yes I agree the residents are annoyed with cars lined up but why hasnt the college done anything this has been a problem for years. The overflow carparks are far away if you are running late. Ah well thankfully we are on 8weeks placement a year so wont be needing parking all the time. I will look out for someone who might drop kids at school or who has a free parking space at their accomodation.

  • There was talk at class rep meeting last yr that th students union might run a bus in the mornings from the extra car parks so maybe ask your class rep to bring it up again at next rep meeting and see will the new student union give it a go, that way at least you can park properly in the morning and get the bus up, just means you will have to wlk down when finished for the day.

  • That would be an excellent idea I wouldnt mind walking back to the car in the evening but I do hate to be late for lectures.

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  • I think that bus service is live now seen something about it a reception the other day.