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Satellite dish for internet

  • 04-09-2011 1:22pm
    Registered Users Posts: 143 ✭✭ cb7

    I live outside Carrickmacross in an area with bad mobile phone reception. Signed up to Three for internet last Novemeber because they are part of the national broad band scheme.
    First they gave me a booster, then an external antennae which did not work. Just got a huge satellite dish put up by them for the internet. I thought at last finally we may have good internet but it is still riduculously slow.!!!
    At my wits ends as this is going on for months and I am still paying for this service.
    Anyone else have a satellite dish for internet - do you find it fast?


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,045 ✭✭✭ deaglan169

    did you try net1 i think they have coverage around carrick but maybe you dont have line of site to one of their masts