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CoD Forum Charter

  • 02-09-2011 8:59am
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    COD Charter -

    * Usual rules apply in this forum. *

    No advertising, no spamming, no trolling, no personal abuse of other posters, etc.

    Mod decisions
    Do not query mod decisions on-thread or attempt to engage in debate about those decisions, take it to PM(!) If you continue to ignore this , infractions and ban will be handed out. Simple as that. It's gotton to the point where this has to be enforced unfortunately. We ask for this because we do not want threads being clogged up with off topic ****e.

    IF we feel the need to post something for the sake of the forum that doesn't mean we want you responding. It's a general note more often than not. Once we say, thread back on topic or something that ilk. It should stay that way. Question us via PM if you wish.

    If you have a problem with another persons post in a thread, please use the report post button (report.gif) located under your or X posters avatar. A moderator will deal with the issue if found necessary and as soon as possible.

    Don't ask for, or post links to any pirated warez-type material. Don't advocate piracy either. This includes gamesharing ie: sharing map packs.

    Format Bashing
    Just because someone plays on a console that you do not, doesn't make it correct to make fun of them nor does it make you better. It's a tiresome topic that tends to end in petty insults.

    Boosting and Glitching:
    Don't talk about it, don't mention it, it's cheating your way up the levels and frankly, it's quite sad to lower yourself to this.

    Please do not name and shame cheaters, even if you have video evidence. While most of us detest cheaters with a passion, the practice of naming and shaming could lead to bullying and we really don't want that.

    Constructive posting
    Give newer players a break when they come looking for advice. You and I were both newbies and one time or another. So please post helpfully.

    Trash talk
    Recently, some of the threads have begun to sound a bit like a game foyer when the 10 year old American kids are online. Please try to avoid the use of words such as 'bitch', 'fag' etc when referring to campers, glitchers or other forum members. Derogatory words will be infracted for now on if required.

    Text speak
    No text speak allowed. It is frowned upon in the vast majority of forums including this entire site.

    Last thing, there's a general rule on, it's even posted in the FAQ and that is 'Don't be a dick' :)


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    Spear wrote: »

    For Youtube videos, a little extra is needed, you can't simply take Youtubes own embedding code and re-use that.

    We'll use this link as an example:

    At the end of the link is a section beginning with a ?. This (?v= MpyN3KaGPuc) is called a query string. In there we have a variable called v and it's given the value of

    MpyN3KaGPuc to identify the video in question.

    So to embed the video, we need the value of v, in this case MpyN3KaGPuc, and we need to put Youtube tags around that [noparse][/noparse]

    which produces

    Thanks to Spear for this "how to embed a video" and Magill for the video :)

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    I just want to add that in light of 2 bans over the past week or so, both in regards to trolling, we do hold the right to warn/infract/ban anyone for numerous "misbehavior" after a period of time. If we do not do anything, that doesn't mean we haven't noted said poster(s).

    On a general note, if you see a post that you believe is inappropriate , please report it and show some cop on in not responding. A moderator will look into it asap.

  • Site Banned Posts: 26,456 ✭✭✭✭Nuri Sahin

    If people want to come in here and get off on starting flame wars and the like, expect an infraction at the very least.

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