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Looking at an external hard drive--movie music player

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    My friend has an iomega hdd media player which is reasonably priced.
    As always some reviews are negative, so I'm wondering if there are any better ones than iomega under €150?
    I want it to play virtually all file types inc mkv and h.264. Quick interface and responsive remote control would also be good. If possible quiet, so i can hear the movies lol.

    Opinions appreciated.


  • i have a WD TV Live and its savage and hooked up to 2 x 2 WD External Drives for all my 1080 MKV Movies and works like a dream

  • Also can recommend the WD live wireless media player.
    I dont have any hard drives physically connected to it. It plays all my stuff wirelessly from my network drive.

    Could probably do with a few more internet functions but hopefully they will come with new firmware updates.
    They recently added a bbc iplayer app for users in Britain,
    I would love if they added an rte player app to it.

    Some of my rss feeds dont display properly through it but thats a small complaint.

    One other problem i had with it is that there is no volume control button on the remote, quite annoying, but if you have an iphone or smart phone you can get an app that acts as a remote as long as it is connected to the same wireless network.

    I have also noticed that even when it is turned off with the remote, it is still visible over my wireless network and gets quite warm. But easily solved by plugging it out when not in use.

    Sony have one on the market too for a similar price. Worth checking out, they seem to have better development of apps and updates.