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IB expiring Nov 2011

  • 12-08-2011 1:37pm
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    Hi there.

    My wife has been on IB since Nov 2009.

    She has received a letter from DSP informing her that her that the Benefit expires Nov 2011. She/we were not aware that this Benefit had an expiry date, as long as she was medically certified, but the rules changed in Jan 2009, so we were wrong.

    In the meantime, last March she applied for the Invalidity Pension, and her application has not moved forward at all since that date.

    She rang the IB section, in Longford, to enquire regarding her IP claim, and was told that it would not be dealt with any time soon, as there was a huge back-log.

    Is this delay normal, like it's now 5 months since they sent an SMS confirming her Application was being processed?

    She is unable to return to work, as her condition will not allow it.

    She worked and paid PRSI for almost 40 years, and has a full record, up until her illness meant she could no longer work.

    In the explanatory leaflet which came with the letter, the options for her are spelled out, to apply for Invalidity Pension, which she did 5 months ago, or claim a Disability Allowance, which is means tested.

    Can she continue to send in Medical Certs after the expiry date, to keep her SW record straight?

    I know the DA is means tested, and our only income will be my Occupational Pension, which is approx €490p/wk. (I had to retire early due to illness myself, but do not qualify for any SW benefits, due to the nature of my employment, and PRSI Class.)

    I am confused as to how this would work out from a Means Test point of view, perhaps someone could explain simply how this works? We have no property or farm, except the Family Home, no substantial savings, and sole income would be my OP.

    My wife's doctor will not certify her as able to work, so JB does not arise here.

    I would appreciate any advice.


    EDIT: we are both in our mid-50's, I have had Cancer, now recovering, and OH suffers form Type 1 Diabetic Condition, with Hypoglycaemia, and other conditions.


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    hi,i had the same problem,my ib ran out in feb '11.i applied for invality in dec@10.i was denied this the day after my ib ran out,i appealed this due to the fact i was not called for a medical.i have on going problems with knee injury.i got a letter in june to say they got the appeal letter and it will take 6 months to a year before they got around to it,what annoys me i am telling the truth about my injury,i have not got any payments since feb.:(

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    She should have enough stamps for invalidly pension.There are long delays with all applications,you will just have to wait for the dept.

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    same here have plenty of stamps,just a waiting:rolleyes:

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    Im sorry your so stressed and understand your concern. The delay has arisen because all Invalidty Pension application forms now have to be forwarded to the Medical Officer. In Dublin. He allows/disallows then returns them to Longford. Only thing is once they are returned to Longford, it moves along pretty quickly after that. Please God your wife will hear before her Illness Benefit runs out, but if she doesnt , its very important to keep sending in the certs. Recently, the first indication that you have been allowed, and that payment is on its way, is the Free Travel pass, dropping onto the mat. She can have you as her spouse, to accompany her , free also.:)

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    Hi, just an update on this.

    My wife has today received a Medical Report form from Soc. Protection.

    This has to be brought to her GP for completion, and returned within 21 days.

    Can I just ask a couple of questions in relation to this?

    She has requested new reports from her Consultants/Specialists, but these are not to hand yet. She is going to see two of these in Dublin in the next week, and her other local Diabetic/Endocrinologist Consultant will provide a report next week.

    We requested these ourselves, to speed things up.

    However, we may not have these reports immediately, as there probably will be a delay in processing, but we have requested them as urgent.

    It appears that the form received today has to be given to the GP to be completed, and the GP should return it, within the 21 days.

    Is it advisable to submit these reports along with the GP form, and to ask our GP to do this, which means waiting until they issue.

    Or would it be best to have the GP submit the form, stating that outstanding reports are still pending?

    Is there flexibility on the 21-day period, which should be notified to the Department?

    If so, how does one do this, in writing?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Follow the instructions in the letter,once the dept have the gp's side of things they can request more info as required.