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Driving with no Tax and Insurance!! Help :)

  • 12-08-2011 8:01am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 1 jojo1412

    Hiya, I have a quick question regarding driving with no tax and Insurnace. I have this friend a Slovakian guy who was reported for driving with no tax and insurance (silly idiot). The Traffic guards were waiting for him when he came home from work and took the car off him. The insurance was up by 3 months and the tax i imagine was up by longer. He gave the car up no problem, he said it was going for scrap anyway as he was doing up a new car . and that he only drove the mile to work andback every day. I was just wondering what sort of punishment will he get, as in penalty points and disqualification or penalty points and a fine. He has a full time job driving a van so losing the licence would be terrible. Just to confirm, i don't condone driving this way and if he wasn't my mate , I would lock him up and throw away the key LOL Thanks Jane :-)


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    Aside from being off-topic for the N&F forum, as per site wide rules, we can't allow legal advice or discussion of ongoing court cases. Your friend needs to seek proper legal advice.

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