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Dinosaurs did not hibernate

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    Moderators, Science, Health & Environment Moderators Posts: 5,279 Adam Khor

    We already suspected it but here's the proof; by studying the growth rings in the bones of polar dinosaurs paleontologists found that they were just the same as in dinos from tropical and temperate regions, suggesting these animals were fully active all year round:

    This is yet more evidence that dinosaurs were warm blooded and possibly, that polar dinosaurs had some kind of insulating covering (feathers and the like). I don´t know if you guys have a thread for this but, it is now believed that Leaellynasaura (of Walking with Dinosaurs fame... kinda) was not scaly as the show depicted it, but probably covered on some kind of feather or protofeather coat. The fact that its (extremely long) tail was flexible instead of rigid as in other dinosaurs suggests that it could wrap itself with its fluffy tail, like Arctic foxes and Snow Leopards do today, when the cold was too extreme or when it slept.


    This also fits the fact that Leaellynasaura has huge eyes and optic lobe, suggesting enhanced night vision- useful during the darkest half of the year in polar regions.
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